Live Fire Training

The Cylinder Saver

Protect you valuable Breathing Apparatus cylinders from repeated exposure to combustion products. Durable and easy to launder. We are confident you will find our prices hard to beat and the quality high. Available in 200 Bar (9 litre) and 300 Bar (6 and 6.8 litre). We have other templates and we can make customised covers to suit any applications.


The Helmet Saver

Protective Helmet Covers

Our covers are designed for easy fitting to a wide range of helmets. The covers not only protect from radiant heat but protect from permanent discoloration and contamination. Simply remove after training and launder. These covers will pay for themselves in the first few weeks of use.


The BA Saver

This product fits over the wearers PPE somewhat like a poncho, providing protection to the BA Cylinder, harness, and valve assemblies. This greatly reduces the cumulative exposure on the SCBA, and increases the serviceable life of units used for Live Fire Training. The cost savings can be substantial. Exposure to the toxic products of combustion are greatly reduced as the used BA Saver is removed and sent for laundering. The SCBA is left in a clean condition and this leads to reduces student and instructor exposure and greatly reduces the maintenance costs and increases service life of the PPE. y








The "FireWorld" Hybrid Flashover training cell.


This carbonaceous flashover simulator, has features that allow for teaching the basic "observation" exercises and "attack" evolutions. Designed by end users, built by end users, commissioned and supported by end users!

This unit is now being specified by a growing number of Australian and International Fire Departments because of its versatility.

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Backdraft Simulator

Traditionally referred to as the "Window", this training cell is constructed from a 20' (6.5 metre) shipping container.

The purpose is to provide a visual demonstration of the fire stages leading to flashover and backdraft. By altering the air flow via 2 stable doors and one hinged window, the instructor can provide a large scale demonstration of the fire behaviour indicators that are present before flashover and backdraft. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate hoseline techniques that can be used reduce the liklihood or severity of these events.

This demonstration is facilitated by an instructor outside of the cell who manipulates the ventilation profile to produce the desired conditions. The students are located a safe distance from the unit in a posituion that allows them to safely witness the "pre-indicators" of flashover and backdraft.

Target Audience

Because this demonstration does not require the students to enter the hazard zone, a wide range of students can beneift. This includes firefighters, fire engineers, building designers, industrial fire teams etc.













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Click here to see a video clip of this type of simulator in use in Sweden

Data Loggers and Thermocouples

Can you accurately record the temperatures your students are exposed to? We can supply cost effective products for a wide range of Live Fire Training simulators and props. Accurate real time monitoring and data logging provides a a valuable training tool, records exposure and provides a means of refining safety procedures and monitoring compliance.


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